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Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Organic)

Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch (Organic)

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Brand: Valair


  • Organic/Organic (rated to 550 HP) Suitable for stock and mildly modified trucks pulling heavy weight. Great hot shot clutch. Smoothest engagement.

model number: NMU70G56DDSN-ORG

Part Number: NMU70G56DDSN-ORG

Details: Description Valair Performance G56 Spring Hub Dual Disc Clutch 2005.5-2011 5.9L/6.7L Dodge Cummins This is "THE" clutch for the guy that tows heavy with a modified truck. Good daily driving manners along with plenty of holding power. If you insist on drag racing with a manual truck this clutch would also be a good choice due to it's fast shifting characteristics and optional SFI rated billet flywheel. It is not a good choice for sled pulling due to it's 12 1/4" flywheel. The non-SFI rated flywheel option is a great option for guys who don't care anything about competition use but just want a driveable clutch with tons of holding power. These clutches are a great alternative to the weak factory clutch with a dual mass flywheel and are suitable (depending on surfacing options) from everything from a stock truck to a highly modified truck.

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